Ampuller - La Cure Peau Nette

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La Cure Peau Nette

Anti-blemish treatment 15 x 1 ml

A dramatically clearer skin in 15 days.

calms redness, pore-tightening, eliminates imperfections, restores skin flora

Chaulmoogra, Tulsi, Silver, Prebiotics.

La Cure Peau Nette, a synergistic, active formulation that restores the balance of reactive and blemish-prone skins in 15 days.

Cocktail of natural and organic ingredients, La Cure Peau Nette calms redness, tightens pores, removes blemishes (9 out of 10 people* observed this result) while restoring the skin’s natural flora.

Use one ampoule per day. Start by removing makeup and / or clean the skin. Apply half of the ampoule, La Cure Peau Nette,  to the entire face or affected areas, in the morning and the remainder at night. In the morning, Apply your day care (La Crème du Jour or Le Sérum Anti-Soif ) and makeup if you wish.


 *Consumer test conducted on a panel of 20 women aged  from 20 to 50 years with a blemish-prone skin

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