Absolution #20 Læbestift

120,00 DKK 200,00

Sweetandsafekiss Papaya - Sorbet Papaya N°20

The colour of being: like a rebirth after the long winter months

A bright orange-pink coral seemed perfect to me to embody this sense of benevolence, fresh and joyful, this sorbet for me is just the colour of being: like a rebirth after the long winter months .... A higher figure for a happy colour

Moisturizes, protects and repairs while dressing your lips..

Ultra Comfortable
Its blend of natural and organic ingredients moisturizes, protects and repairs lips.

Part-silky and part-gel texture, the new Sorbet lipsticks are subtly coloured, with a finish that is both soft and brilliant ... They offer advanced resistance -  exceptional for such texture – and they condition the lips with a formula that refuses to dry out! The formula combines natural and organic ingredients, vegetable oils - Ricin, Jojoba, Argan and Sunflower for their soothing, moisturising and nourishing properties, Bees, Candelilla and Carnauba waxes for their ability to create a protective film for the lips, and nourishing, nurturing shea butter. ..Skincare and therapy in a textured finish and amazingly beautiful hues.

A range with 3 new colours: Cerise, Papaya and Dusky Rose : Fresh and vitamin shades to look summer-fresh no matter what the season.

Spirituality : There is hidden meaning of their numbers :

A Great lover of Tarot, Christophe chose carefully the numbers assigned to these new lipsticks. ... 









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