Absolution - Herre Fugtighedscreme - La Crème d'Homme 30 ml.

336,00 DKK 420,00

Appreciated by even those who " never put cream before " La Crème de l'Homme will soon become your favorite gesture in the morning! One pump, with 2 fingers on the plate of your cream dispenser, will deliver you the perfect dose: Apply by ascendant effleurage (yes, really!) On the cheeks , forehead, the edges of the nose, and neck (and your beard, if it is not too long!) .


A complete care with protective, repairing and regenerating ingredients to face the day not even think about it.

Your skin needs a boost? Try Absolution bespoke care by customizing your cream with a drop of one of La Solution +:

La Solution + ANTI-AGE to plump the skin and boost the regenerating process.

La Solution + ECLAT to illuminate the complexion and smooth the features.

La Solution + ENERGIE to protect and strengthen the skin against the harsh environment.

La Solution + CONTROLE to control small imperfections.

One pump with 2 fingers on the plate of your cream dispenser. And to drive its action with more accuracy, add a drop of one of our highly concentrated Solutions. Mix on the plate dispenser, apply...and enjoy!

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