Absolution - Ultra Fugtgivende Ansigtsmaske - Le Soin Repulpant

150,00 DKK 250,00

The youth plan of your skin

True youth-activating skincare, Le Soin Repulpant Absolution is an exclusive cocktail of hydrating, redensifying and soothing ingredients.

For all skin types, Le Soin Repulpant rejuvenate your skin with youth ingredients. 10 minutes  for a radiant complexion, fine lines smoothed, skin plumped.

Use as often as you want and however you want:

In the morning to put in a beauty place, gently wipe off excess after 10 minutes and have a cotton pad soaked in L'eau Soir et Matin before applying your day cream .

In the evening, for a deep treatment,  10minutes, then gently wipe the excess and go to sleep! Bright morning guaranteed!


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