Absolution #01 Læbestift

120,00 DKK 200,00

sweetandsafekiss Bordeaux N°1

A classy velvet reflection

Rouge Bordeaux N°1

Deep, intense, captivating: the silky wedding of a souple Bordeaux and an eggplant, a mysterious red to sophisticate your nights ... or your days .

Ultra comfortable, its formula is a mix of natural and organic ingredients which protects and repairs your lips.

Ultra make up, it dresses up your lips with astonishing semi-mat colors.

A must-have lipstick, with a truly natural color women love to wear, night and day.


Do not hesitate to "pull" your lipstick when you apply. Containing only natural waxes and oils slightly drier than mineral touch ... but with incomparably superior virtues, your sweetandsafekiss lipsticks may seem dry to the application. This is normal ... but you will be quickly convinced by their comfort.

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